Henriëtte Brouwer-Middelesch, MSc


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Henriëtte Brouwer-Middelesch, MSc

"At Royal GD, I get the opportunity to develop products based on routinely collected data that support animal health at sector level but also at individual farm level. In this way, I really like to contribute to a high level of farm animal health in the Netherlands." Henriëtte Brouwer-Middelsch


  Henriëtte Brouwer studied Animal Sciences at Wageningen University, the Netherlands with a specialisation in Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology. She graduated in 2003 and started working as a veterinary epidemiologist at Royal GD. She participates in research projects providing epidemiological input and conducting epidemiological analyses. She is involved in the development of data-driven products supporting surveillance of animal health in the Netherlands.

Fields of expertise:

  • Expertise
  • Quantitative epidemiology
  • Data products
  • Syndromic surveillance 
  • Predictive modelling


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  • Brouwer, H., Bartels, C.J.M., Stegeman, A., Van Schaik, G., 2012. No long-term influence of movement restriction regulation on the contact-structure between and within cattle holding types in the Netherlands. BMC Vet. Res. 8:188-198
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  • Welby, S., Van Schaik, G., Veldhuis, A., Brouwer, H., Peroz, C., Santman-Berends, I., Fourichon, C., Wever, P., Van der Stede, Y., 2016. Effectiveness and cost efficiency of different surveillance components for proving freedom and early detection of disease: Bluetongue serotype 8 in cattle as case study for Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. doi 101111/tbed. 12564.
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  • Santman-Berends, I.M.G.A., Brouwer, H., Veldhuis, A., van Schaik, G., 2020. KalfOK: a data-based tool to monitor and support the quality of calf rearing in dairy herds. Animal Health Report published in the journal of the International Dairy Federation.

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