Ant Koopmans, DVM


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Ant Koopmans, DVM




Ant grew up on a family dairy farm in the Netherlands. She studied veterinary medicine at the University of Utrecht (graduation in 1996). During the first 12 years after graduation she worked as a veterinarian and co-owner in a veterinary practice in the central part of the Netherlands where she focussed on (prevention of) health problems in dairy cows. Especially herd health, nutrition and feed (management) on dairy farms attracted her interest. In 2008, Ant made a shift in her career, transitioning to a role as a researcher/consultant with a specialization in "Ruminant Nutrition and Health" at Schothorst Feed Research BV, an esteemed international research and knowledge institute based in the Netherlands. Her research and consultancy expertise revolved around critical areas such as transition cow management, subacute rumen acidosis, rumen and gut health, vitamins, macrominerals, trace elements, and nutrition for young stock. Additionally, she derived a lot of satisfaction in solving  complex health issues on farms.

Since 2022, Ant works at Royal GD in Deventer, contributing to the "Ruminant Health Monitoring Team" and the product team (FIT-team) focusing on health and nutrition. Her role extends to research projects centered on nutrition, and problem-solving at dairy farms.

One of Ant’s passions is exploring the impact of sustainable agriculture and feed management on dairy farming and the health of dairy cows. Specific areas of interest include the effects of measures like reducing protein and phosphorus levels in dairy rations, as well as methods to mitigate methane output on health and performance of dairy cows. 

Ant likes to translate scientific knowledge into practice by providing presentations, courses and practical workshops, to bridge the gap between theory and on-farm implementation. 

Fields of expertise 

  • Ruminant nutrition and health: 
    • Transition cow management, rumen and gut health, vitamins and (trace)minerals
    • Young stock nutrition
    • Effects of environmental measures in dairy farms on the health of dairy cows and youngstock
  • Drinking water for animals
  • Animal health monitoring


Ant Koopmans has produced a variety of publications.

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