E-learning NCD


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E-learning NCD

In this e-learning, Teun Fabri, poultry veterinarian and veterinary manager of the poultry department at Royal GD, will talk about the Newcastle Disease virus. The e-learning is divided in four parts. In this e-learning we will focus on the prevention in broilers using the different available vaccines. Each part starts with the learning goals, followed by a video presentation. At the end of this e-learing you can test your knowledge in a quiz.


  • General aspects of the virus the disease is defined and the different Paramyxoviruses strains are discussed. The pathogenesis of the virus entering the host cells is discussed.
  • Clinical signs factors are discussed that influence the clinical outcome of ND infections. ND infections show different clinical signs based on the protection level against ND.
  • Refresher immunology in chickens a refresher of immunology is presented. The different antibodies which are produced are explained. This also identifies the detectable serological response.
  • Theoretical vaccination approach: a vaccination program for broiler is drawn based on the different types of available vaccines.

Learning goals

  • define the disease;
  • classify the ND viruses;
  • understand the pathogenesis in the infected bird;
  • recognize the clinical signs of ND in naïve birds;
  • understand the need for diagnostics in partly protected birds to diagnose an ND infection;
  • understand the immune response of the bird towards ND viruses;
  • understand why vaccination programs in broiler will “work or not work”;
  • understand the demand to correctly vaccinate;
  • able to interpret serological outcomes at slaughter age

For more information or to order this E-learning, please contact us via: gdacademy@gdanimalhealth.com

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