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Course catalogue

Postgraduate course Poultry Health Science

Are you a veterinarian or a postgraduate in Life Sciences and working in poultry in a scientific or leading position, now or in the near future? Continuing Education Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University together with Royal GD developed a postgraduate course 'Poultry Health Science' with the aim to train academic professionals to become experts in poultry health care.

Upcoming modules:

  • Module 6. Antibiotics, start date February 6, 2023
  • Module 7. Coccidiosis, start date April 17, 2023

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Other courses

  • Introduction training to Poultry Health: A theoretical as well as a practical training to expand your knowledge, including a laboratory tour at GD. Target audience: novice farm veterinarians and starting managers of poultry farms, other interested parties.
  • Advanced Poultry Health, Climate and Feed Training: an advanced level training on poultry production, focusing on major diseases and how to approach them. Target audience: professionals who completed the Introduction to Poultry Health, Climate and Feed or have 5 to 10 years work experience in poultry production.
  • Introduction to Goat Health, Climate and Feed: a theoretical and practical training to expand your knowledge, including a laboratory tour at GD and farm visits. Target audience: goat veterinarians at the beginning of their career (1-4 years), goat farm managers, technical managers, other interested parties.
  • Introduction to Pig Health, Climate and Feed: focusing on health and disease, climate and feed, including a laboratory tour at GD and farm visits. Target audience: professionals with 1 to 5 years experience in the sector.
  • Dairy Training: an unique program of in class training combined with farm visits. You will also have the unique chance to see our state of the art veterinary lab. Target audience: managers of large scale dairy farms, technical managers, dairy veterinarians at the beginning of their career (1 - 4 years), other interested parties related to advising large scale dairy farms.
  • Laboratory Training Serology of PCR

If you are interested in one or more trainings, let us know. We will inform you as soon as new dates are available.

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