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Upcoming activities

Overview of upcoming activities in 2022

 Month Date Name Country Website
 March 14-16 Middle East and North Africa Poultry Conference Riyadh, Saudi Arabia www.mepc-wpsa.com/participate
  15-17 Meat and Poultry Russia (MAP) Moscow, Russia www.meatindustry.ru/en
  21 Animal AgTech San Francisco, USA www.animalagtech.com
   22 European Calf Conference 2022 Berlin, Germany www.ecc-event.com
  23-25 SVEPM Belfast, Ireland www.svepm.org.uk
  30-1 April 5th IHSIG Symposium Cartagena, Colombia www.ihsig.com
 April 4-6 Western Poultry Disease Conference (WPDC) Vancouver, Canada www.aaap.memberclicks.net/2022-wpdc-conference
  13-14 WPSA - UK Spring Meeting Nottingham, UK www.wpsa-uk.com/2022/02/wpsa-uk-branch-meeting-2022
  27-30 NAVDF New Orleans, USA www.navdf.org
 May 5-6 AACTING Hannover, Germany www.aacting.org
  11-13 ESPHM Budapest, Hungary www.esphm2022.org
  26-28 PVSG  Leuven, Belgium www.pvsgeu.org
  31 -2 June VIV Europa Utrecht, The Netherlands www.viveurope.nl
 June N.Y.K. ECSRHM Warsaw, Poland ecsrhm.eu
  7-10  7th International Conference on Mycobacterium bovis Dublin, Ireland www.avrdsymposium.com
  8-10 Mediterranean Poultry Summit (WSPA) Cordoba, Spain www.mpn-wpsa.org/spain2020
  12-16 15th International Association for Paratuberculosis Colloquium (ICP) Dublin, Ireland www.icpdublin.com
  21-24 AVRD Leusden, The Netherlands www.avrdsymposium.com
 July 29 July - 2 August Annual meeting American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) Philadelphia, USA www.aaap.info/2022-annual-meeting
 August 1-5 21th International Symposium & 13th International Conference on Lameness in Ruminants Bloomington, Minnesota, USA www.lamenessinruminants2022.com
  7-11 World Poultry Congress (WPC) Paris, France www.wpcparis2022.com
  10-12 Livestock Malaysia  Malacca, Malaysia www.livestockmalaysia.com
  22-24 33rd Poultry Science Symposium  Cambridge, UK www.wpsa2020.org
  29 - 2 September ECPLF Vienna, Austria www.vetmeduni.ac.at/ecplf2022/ecplf
 September 4-8 World Buiatrics Congress (WBC) Madrid, Spain www.wbc-madrid2022.com/index.php/en/welcome
  11-14 AAVM Madrid, Spain www.aavmconference.com
 October 5-6 VIV Africa Kigali, Rwanda www.poultryafricaevent.com/about/viv-worldwide
  5-7 APICOWPLEXA Bern, Switserland  www.apicowplexa.net
  6-12 AALVD Minneapolis, USA www.aavld.org
  24-26 EAVLD Sevilla, Spain www.eavld.org/eavld
 November 1-2 12th Asian Pacific Poultry Conference Haikou, China www.appc.bomeeting.net/63?lang=en
  14-17 MEDICA Düsseldorf, Germany www.medica-tradefair.com
  15-18 EuroTier  Hannover, Germany www.eurotier.com/en

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