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List of scientific publications



Santman-Berends I. M. G. A. , Mars M. H., Weber M. F., van Duijn  L., Waldeck H. W. F.,  Biesheuvel M. M., van den Brink K. M. J. A., Dijkstra  T. , Hodnik J. J. ,  Strain S. A. J.,  de Roo A., Veldhuis A. M. B.  and van Schaik G. , 2021. Control and Eradication Programs for Non-EU Regulated Cattle Diseases in the Netherlands. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2021.670419

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Hodnik, J.J., Anciner Rogic, Z., Alishani, M., Autio, T., Balseiro, A., Berezowski, J., Carmo, L.P., Chaligiannis, I., Santman-Berends, I., et. al. 2021. Overview of cattle diseases listed under category C, D or E in the Animal Health Law (AHL) for which control programmes are in place within Europe.  doi: 10.3389/fvets.2021.688078

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Roon van, A.M., Mercat, M., van Schaik, G., Nielen, M., Graham, D.A., More, S.J., Guelbenzu-Gonzalo, M., Fourichon, C., Madouasse, A., Santman-Berends, I.M.G.A. 2020. Quantification of risk factors for BVDV in cattle herds: a systematic search and meta-analysis of observational studies, J. Dairy Sci. In press.

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