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Vaxxinova offers a comprehensive portfolio of high quality vaccines, including a range of live and inactivated, mono- and combination vaccines. With over six decades of experience in disease prevention for production animals, Vaxxinova operates in more than sixty countries. Royal GD is an important key partner for Vaxxinova

Formally established in 2010 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Vaxxinova’s predecessors have been involved in the livestock vaccine and diagnostics industry for over sixty years. The company has extensive experience in research and development, manufacturing, and the application of licensed and autogenous vaccines.

“Our R&D teams work closely together to innovate licensed and autogenous vaccines, as well as to explore new vaccine technologies.”

Key Partnerships

Working with partners, Vaxxinova is committed to disease prevention and supporting customers’ performance improvement programmes. “Since the establishment of our laboratory in Nijmegen in 2017, we have actively pursued a partnership with GD, with a particular focus on poultry vaccine development. GD has in depth knowledge, including renowned poultry expert Sjaak de Wit. This breadth of knowledge is invaluable. Recognising specific external know-how can be beneficial, the power of collaboration is evident. GD is a sparring partner for poultry vaccine development because they know what is happening in the field.”

“Our collaboration with GD is progressing well. Our agreements are clear, and our working relationship is very amicable. Administrative processes in the Netherlands can be time consuming. Nevertheless, we achieve favourable results. By closely monitoring trends and responding effectively, we are making significant progress. Such collaboration allows us to address real needs. Strong long-term partnerships are essential in this endeavour.”

Prevention as the foundation

“Healthy animals starts with prevention. We see many opportunities today and in the future. The scope goes beyond Western Europe; it’s essential to take a broader view. What’s happening in the world? We are building a comprehensive range, focusing initially on poultry and aquaculture and see potential opportunities to expand into swine, cattle, and turkeys. Our ambition is to continue broadening the reach of our portfolio.”

The value of employees

Vaxxinova’s workforce of more than 1.000 employees is central to the company’s effort to prevent animal disease. The company thrives on an open working culture where an entrepreneurial spirit prevails, avoiding top-down structures to ensure that all valuable ideas have a voice. “Our existing network includes production, research and development, sales, and diagnostic facilities in ten countries: Brazil, Chile, Germany, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Norway, the Netherlands, Thailand, and the USA.”

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