Postgraduate course Poultry Health Science


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Postgraduate course Poultry Health Science

4/23/2021:  Are you a veterinarian or a postgraduate in Life Sciences and working in poultry in a scientific or leading position, now or in the near future?
Continuing Education Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University together with Royal GD developed a postgraduate course Poultry Health Science with the aim to train academic professionals to become experts in poultry health care.

Course content

Poultry production is a global, fast-growing industry that is the biggest supplier of animal protein and eggs worldwide. Further growth is expected due to the growing demands. Production is no longer just about the lowest costs and highest efficiency; other aspects such as human health and environment are increasingly important. Therefore, thorough and continuous education is needed on poultry health, clinical reasoning, evidence-based medicine, disease management, animal welfare and related matters. This course offers in-depth knowledge on these topics.

Course design

Currently, this course consists of six modules and the intention is to expand in the future. The course is in the process of acquiring VetCEE accreditation.

  • Module 1. Infectious bronchitis virus - starts 21 June 2021, now open for registration: In this module, a broad overview on infectious bronchitis virus will be given.
  • Module 2. Avian Mycoplasmosis: This module provides an extensive overview of the knowledge regarding Mycoplasma spp. pathogens and the factors that influence the clinical expression of the disease.
  • Module 3. Escherichia coli: In this module, we will focus on the pathogenesis as a result of the interaction between E. coli and its host, with attention for issues of importance for commercial poultry.
  • Module 4. Enterococci and Streptococci: In this module, we will focus on the specific role of several Enterococci and Streptococci, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, and prophylaxis, with emphasis on production systems which avoid the use of antibiotics.
  • Module 5. Coccidiosis: In this module, an overview will be given on life cycles, taxonomy, pathogenesis, transmission/epidemiology, secondary/co-infections, diagnostic aspects, and prophylactic and therapeutic options for control of coccidiosis.
  • Module 6. Antibiotics: This module will discuss the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance in general and specific considerations for poultry.

Want to know more?

You can find more information on the program on our website, where you may also directly register for module 1. For more information, please contact us via

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