How satisfied are you about PTS and Diagnostics?


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How satisfied are you about PTS and Diagnostics?


Our customers’ opinion is of great importance to us, as it can help us improve our services. How satisfied are you regarding about our PTS and Diagnostics products and how can we improve our services for your organisation? These were the questions in our annual PTS and Diagnostics customer satisfaction survey.

We are proud to inform you that in 2022 eight out of ten customers would recommend us to other organizations (Net Promotor Score +76.2, which was +65.3 in 2021). They also rated us with an 9.1 for the cooperation with GD and a Customer Effort Score (service experience) of +86 (2021: +70). Our online application, PTS final report and shipment of the samples scored the highest marks.

Our product range and lead times offer room for improvement. And our customers would like to participate in webinars more often. So these are the focus points for this year.

We would like to thank all customers for giving their valuable opinion by taking part in our survey!



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