Streptococcosis in Dutch poultry


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Streptococcosis in Dutch poultry


Streptococcus species are part of the normal microflora in the intestines in animals (including chickens). However, this bacterium can also cause disease in poultry and other animal species. Field research in 2022 paid attention to the occurrence of streptococci in poultry. Against the background of the Bekedam report ‘Zoönosen in het vizier’ (‘Focus on Zoonoses’), which recommends an annual check of the zoonotic risk, the analyses from national surveillance and the literature were used to estimate the zoonotic risk of streptococcosis in poultry.

Analysis of surveillance data 2010-2021 and estimation of the zoonotic potential Analysis of the national surveillance data, covering the period 2010 to 2021 (a total of 13,153 cases submitted for pathology), revealed 49 cases of poultry submitted for pathology where streptococci were present in the diagnosis.

The majority of cases submitted were related to increased mortality. Streptococci are more important as a primary cause of increased losses in ducks, versus chickens (see figures in the Highlights report poultry April 2023). In ducks, S. gallolyticus was the most common primary cause of mortality.

Based on literature research, the incidence of streptococcosis in commercial poultry and data from additional AVINED research, it was concluded that the zoonotic potential of streptococcosis in poultry can be estimated as low.

Read more and find the figures at the Highlights report poultry April 2023

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Highlights report poultry

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