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Overview training programmes cattle

We offer interactive programmes for cattle featuring classroom sessions, farm visits and discussion of specific cases related to a subject, with our experts. Compile your own custom made programme by selecting the topics of your interest from the list below. These topics are available at the basic or advanced level, in a one-day or multi-day training course.


Topics of the training are

  • General: biosecurity, laboratory tests, prevention and monitoring, rearing young stock and sustainable production.
  • Modern Dairy Health Management: udder health, claw health, feeding and metabolism and infectious disease control.
  • Practical: cases, laboratory tour and farm visits.



  • Biosecurity, sanitation, disinfection and risk management.
  • Laboratory tests and interpretation of laboratory results.
  • Prevention, control and monitoring systems of diseases.
  • Rearing young stock: How to improve the health and vitality in calf management.
  • Sustainable production: How to reduce the use of antimicrobials in the dairy industry.

Modern Dairy Health Management

  • Udder health: Surveillance and timely on-farm adjustments can prevent (sub)clinical, chronic and/or persistent mastitis cases.
  • Claw health: Energy, proteins, fatty acids, mineral, trace mineral and vitamin content of the ration, as well as the infection risk and the pressure, load on the claws.
  • Feeding and Metabolism: Optimize the use of minerals to bring balance between cost and return on investment.
  • Infectious disease control: Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVDV), BoHV1 (IBR), Paratuberculosis and Leptospirosis.


  • Cases: Interactive discussion on case studies. How to tackle a complex multifactorial problem on a Dairy herd? From clinical reasoning, via the deployment of diagnostics, to an effective plan of approach.
  • Laboratory tour: A tour of the GD laboratory in Deventer, the Netherlands.
  • Farm visits: Put the theory into practice and experience the management of a Dutch Dairy farm.

Customer experience

“Speakers with great knowledge and experience, overall course was good, city of Deventer excellent.”

During the training programmes on Bovine Respiratory Disease, Sheep Health and Disease and Dairy Udder Health training participants, mostly veterinarians of an advanced level, had their origin in Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Uganda and Nigeria.

During the BRD training the main focus was on Mycoplasma bovis and bovine respiratory pathogens. The topics of the sheep training varied from respiratory disease to gastrointestinal parasites and liver fluke. After two days of interactive and lively theory, the participants went out for a practical, hands-on farm visit to the island of Texel. Texel is well known as a magnificent sheep island, home to the famous Texel breed.

The advanced Dairy Udder Health Course offered state-of-the art scientific input on transition management, udder health control programs, immunology of the udder, (robotic) milking and the mammary micro biome. Practical implementation of the theory was offered by the farm visit as part of this program. The participants went back home with useful scientific and practical information, that could be directly used on-farm the day after their return home.

More information and usefull links

“Together with his team, carrying out the ‘Udder Health Approach’, the combination of scientific and practical expertise on udder health management triggers a lot of farm visits each year and resulted in major experience in dairy consultancy and veterinary communication skills.”

Christian Scherpenzeel, DVM, PhD

Custom made training programmes: Building skills your way

We offer custom made training programmes on animal diseases and the use of veterinary diagnostic tests. Our animal health experts discuss current topics from theory to practice through an interactive programme of classroom sessions, farm visits and discussion of specific cases related to a topic. This ensures that the knowledge gained is immediately applicable.

There is plenty of time during the programme to interact with these experts. Contact us and create your own training programme by selecting the topics that interest you. These topics are available at basic or advanced level, in a one-day or multi-day training course. Organised at GD in Deventer, the Netherlands, anywhere in the world or online.

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