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  • Institutes from six European countries join forces to gain extra information on the bacterium Coxiella burnetii, the causal agent of Q fever, a zoonotic infection. The consortium is to start work in May of this year. Extensive research is planned for the coming years. Read more

  • In the Netherlands, the collaboration between the government, corporate sector, human and animal healthcare is the key to success of the Animal Health Surveillance System. Twenty years down the road, this monitor is as important as ever for animal health and animal welfare. Read more

  • In the new animal health law that entered into force in 2021, infectious cattle diseases are categorized based on their impact from A (highest impact) to E. For diseases categorized under A or B, regulations on control and eradication are prescribed. For diseases categorized under C, D or E, rules are not so strict. Read more

  • The first outbreak of EHD in Europe was detected in early November 2022 in a number of cattle at various Italian cattle farms on the island of Sardinia and subsequently on Sicily. Reports of infected cattle in Spain soon followed in November and December. Read more

  • Abortion is a regular occurrence at sheep and goat farms, as a result of both infectious and non-infectious causes. Zoonoses are commonly occurring infectious causes of abortion, which can also result in human illness. Although there is limited risk of illness in people, certain groups of the population run the greatest risk, including pregnant women, young children and the elderly, immunocompromised people . Read more

  • Our swine experts Manon Houben, Tijs Tobias, Lucía Dieste Pérez and Karlijn Eenink will present their scientific research at the 14th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management from May 31 to June 2 2023 in Greece. Join our team at booth 15. Read more

  • In the April issue of Update we share with you the latest news on projects: Cost action SOUND control and a pan-european consortium on studying Q-fever, and products like the Rapid Gumboro test. We will give you a sneak preview of our latest innovation: Ethometer, introduce our new distributor in Asia and get to know Robert Jan Molenaar. Read more

  • IBV is responsible for infectious bronchitis in chicken and subject to the rapid evolutionary change that is characteristic of RNA viruses. As a result of this, IBV is a remarkably diverse pathogen harbouring dozens of lineages that are in competition for infection of new hosts. Study of the genetic sequences of IBV has provided several interesting insights. Read more

  • Are you looking for both a theoretical as well as a practical poultry training to expand your knowledge? Join our training programme poultry health, for novice farm veterinarians and starting managers at poultry farms. Read more

  • How satisfied are you regarding about our PTS and Diagnostics products and how can we improve our services for your organisation? These were the questions in our annual PTS and Diagnostics customer satisfaction survey. Read more

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